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Testimonials From Speakers

“ADD 2013 was a fantastic experience. Ankara has a great Android community and the conference is really well organized. The quality of the presentations, the friendly people and Turkish hospitality make this a conference you don’t want to miss! “ 

Dennis Ippel

“I never found such a remarkable list of speakers and exhibitors on a free event before.”

Leif Janzik

“I absolutely enjoyed the warm welcome, the pleasant setting, the professional organization, and of course the interesting presentations on all things Android.”

Eric Lafortune

“As for GDG manager Android Developer Days Ankara is example of how perfect event should look like, ideal combination of location, speakers and topics discussed plus unique friendly atmosphere.”

Vitaliy Zasadnyy

“I was flattered to have my session translated live in the auditorium and streamed on the internet.”

Paul Lammertsma

“I had the honor to join this great user organized Android event in 2013 and was blown away by the friendliness and the technical skills of the turkish Android community.”

Lars Vogel

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Are you ready for the Mobile Hackathon @ ADD 2014?

It is going to be platform independent in Mobile Hackathon which will be held under the Android Developer Days 2014.

In the Mobile Hackathon teams can develop their applications in the scope which they want. Smart Cities, Internet of things, Wearables or whatever you want. Also platform independent(Android, iOS, Windows Phone etc)! You can develop in the platform whatever you want._DSC6543

Mobile Hackathon starts on 16.05.2014 at 13:30(1:30 PM) and ends on 17.05.2014 at 13:30(1:30 PM). Foods and drinks will be supplied by our sponsors all along the 24 hours.

If you want to meet new people, win prizes(prizes seems to be some smartphones and tablets will be announced later), gain experience and share the excitement of the competition by joining the event, fill the form and register to Mobile Hackathon now!

Register Now:

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“ Mobile App Rewards”, organized to support the mobile app developers and app ecosystem in Turkey, says everyone is welcome to the contest. *

App developers can apply contest between February 4 – April 15 with on our own or a team with max 3 members.  Developers can join the contest by filling the application form  for the apps they has been developed in 2014.


Deadline to apply the contest is April 15, after that  public vote is started and ends in April 30. The first 10 apps that have the most votes will be announced. Then juries start to review the first 10 apps. and the first 3 apps will be announced in Android Developer Days on May 16,17 

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Want to be a speaker in ADD?

Want to be a speaker in ADD? Just imagine you are speaking in front of an enthusiastic audience and people are getting inspired from you. It would be an amazing thing that you can remember in your life time. Here is the Call for Submissions  web page with the subjects below until April 1, 2014. Please don’t be late, in some circumstances we may need to decide before April 1. For attendees, register for free on Register web page.



  • Future Technologies

  • Mobile World

    • Future of Mobile World

    • New Generation Mobile Devices (Wearable products, etc)

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ADD is actually an Open Conference – Feel free to take part in team

What do you think about supporting a community conference organized and beneficial for you?

Open Conference is a little ambiguous at first glance. However, after a little thinking, hmm yeah it should be something that is free, open to public and about sharing knowledge and experience without thinking copyrights. (At least for me:)  Moreover, it comes to mind that whether there should be a relation between open source movement. Yeah let’s imagine a community conference organized for  increasing attendees knowledge and experience, expanding attendees vision to make them open up to the world and creating opportunity for meeting new geeks for geeks (or building network for business guys;)

You may want to take part in ADD 2014 version of this photo

With these thoughts, let’s google to find something similar in the Internet. Ohh, what’s that,  it was already defined with same name in Wikipedia. Continue reading

ADD is also “Droidcon Ankara”

We have been partner with Droidcon since ADD 2013 and we are improving our partnership.


Let me give some info about Droidcon. It is a company that tries to develop Android Ecosystem in the world. It organizes Android conferences in various cities such as Berlin, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Tunisia, etc. It seems that there are 15 conferences for 2014 in their agenda.

Maybe you have a question that says why the name of Droidcon in Ankara is Android Developer Days while the other Droidcon names are like Droidcon London, Droidcon Paris


Let me answer it.  We first organized ADD in 2012 and there was no partnership with Droidcon. We were on our own. However, when we started the ADD 2013 preparations in last quarter of 2012, we came across the Droidcon guys in a conference. We realized that we both try to do the same thing and while this situation was making us partner, we got agreed on organizing Android Developer Days is not a problem for partnership. It is a wealthiness. Since that day, Android Developer Days has been appeared on as Droidcon Ankara.